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Conspiracy Theories | Ep #90


Special Feature: Best Cut Bits #01

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This week we go for a swim in the Hourchive river and retrieve some lost outtakes from its depths.       
Show Notes: 
01:00 An hourchive special feature
04:30 Fresh Topics (from Part Time Jobs Part 2)
08:43 Amateur psychoanalysis (from BBQ) 
16:23 Interlude Teenage Bottlerocket: "Social Life" 
18:19 A Tale of Two Geocities (from Blogging)
26:58 Who Maintains the Neutral Zone? (from Addendums 05)
29:11 I will MAKE it legal! (from Ice Cream)
31:15 Interlude Jimmy Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower"
33:08 Acapella stylings (from Music Festivals)
36:27 A dramatic recalling (from Summer Outings)

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Special Feature: Best Cut Bits #01


Mexican Food | Ep #89

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Man goes in the cage. Cage goes in the salsa. Shark's in the salsa. Our shark.       
Show Notes: 
07:05 Supertasters
18:25 Interlude: The Coasters: "Down in Mexico"
28:40 Interlude: Mariachi El Bronx: "Mariachi El Bronx" 
35:00 Sneeze guards
39:40 Chihuahua, Mexico
40:30 Christmas enchiladas
42:15 Interlude: Chingon: "Malaguena Salerosa"
45:65 Cherokee Street Mexican restaurants

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Mexican Food | Ep #89


Videodrome | Ep #88

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Which format would you like your podcast in? Open up your stomach VHS and insert the latest installment in our movie retrospectacular series. Long live the new flesh!     
Show Notes: 

Videodrome | Ep #88


The X-Men | Ep #87

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Join us in the Danger Room as we explore Professor Charles Xavier's dream of a world where all Earth's children, both mutant and human, might live together in harmony. Want a piece of fruit?    
Show Notes: 

The X-Men | Episode #87