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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

The Percolator | March 27, 2018


Thoughts on orange beer, how Krampus figures in to curling, and Uncle Stevie's less than progressive views on modern awards eligibility. We steep on these things AND MORE.

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:53 Comments: The Percolator | March 21, 2018
02:09 Comments: Ep #302 | Akira
03:32 Comments: Ep #304 | Nickelodeon

The Percolator
08:21 Agent Orange - Bloodstains
08:58 Bud Light Orange
14:31 Curling Lessons
24:50 Netflix Oscar Eligibility Controversy
31:55 Little Monsters/Martin Shkreli
37:18 George Lucas gives Steven Spielberg a tour