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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

The Percolator | June 5, 2018


Angie Villa joins us this week as we review some of the finer points of Solo. Nick and Angie tell us about Link's upcoming "Leaf Guy photo exhibition." And Adam gives us the inside tip on the newest Star Wars character likely to get his own "star wars story" spinoff.

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
02:53 Ep #274 | 30 Rock
03:50 Comments: The Percolator | May 17, 2018
05:06 Comments: Ep #310 Solo: A Star Wars Story
10:50 Captain Eo
12:49 Interlude: We Are Here to Change the World
The Percolator
14:14 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
22:50 Mike Westfall's horse names
23:23 Solo: A Star Wars Story
33:40 The Infinity Incident
38:33 Humility - The Gorillaz
39:19 Ace, the new bass player for Gorillaz
43:19 Will Rimel
46:42 Weazel hanging out with Watto
50:55 Jim Cummings Reads Star Wars as Darth Pooh and Darkwing Duck