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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

The Percolator | March 21, 2018

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Our weekly look at comments and percolations runs long this week (and turns into a preview of a forthcoming Hourchive Deep Dive on Disney Parks) so we can tackle the long, lost (fake) history of Walt Disney World's long, lost (fake) Pleasure Island, grapple with the ramifications of Blink-182 setting up residence next door to Area 51, and virtually unzip Thanos' vest to take our guesses regarding Avengers: Infinity War.  

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
03:25 Comments: The Percolator | March 7, 2018
06:30 Comments: Ep #300
16:10 Comments: Ep #303 | Gaslight Square
18:10 The lost "history" of Pleasure Island
19:20 The Adventurers Club
26:05 Club 33
30:00 Disneyland Dream Suite
37:35 Adolescents: Welcome to Reality
The Percolator
48:03 Blink-182 Announces Las Vegas Residency
50:57 Trailing On
51:06 Avengers: Infinity War trailer 2
1:01:40 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald trailer
1:02:09 Won't You Be My Neighbor? trailer
1:03:05 Tag trailer
1:04:30 Lost in Space (Netflix) trailer
1:07:20 Lost in Space theme by Johnny Williams

Ep #303 | Gaslight Square


Join John and Nick on a wistful walk down the bygone blocks of a beloved St. Louis entertainment district and explore how a street briefly became a square.

Show Notes
10:25 The History of Gaslight Square
25:01 Elistination: Establishments of Gaslight Square  
25:50 A Musical Tour of Gaslight Square
33:09 Map of Gaslight Square establishments circa 1959-1969
37:08 Gaslight Square at its peak (St. Louis Magazine)
51:45 KETC's Living St. Louis: Gaslight Square
55:42 The Oral History of Gaslight Square
57:18 Beatnik Bob's at the City Museum
58:01 Original Gaslight Square sign at Joe's Cafe

The Percolator | March 14, 2018

percolator-album art.png

John and Nick weigh in on Thor: Ragnarok, box-office grosses adjusted for inflation, a timeline of Corey Haim hair, and the WWE-ification of The Bachelor.

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:50 Comments: The Percolator | March 7, 2018
03:38 Comments: Ep #301 | Guilty Pleasures Mixtape
04:04 Sun, Beautiful Sun (Bubble Guppies)
05:13 Marc Bonilla: Afterburner (Airborne)
06:33 Rollerboy Carousel (Prayer of the Rollerboys)
07:18 Weezer: My Best Friend 
08:55 Hundred Acre Wood Rally Race
10:04 Comments: Ep #302 | Akira
11:52 Janet Jackson: Black Cat
The Percolator
13:34 Will John Love It or Hate It: Thor: Ragnarok
18:25 Top US box-office gross adjusted for inflation