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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #299 | Fireball Island


Don't be dogmeat. Brave the fury of Vul-Kar with us this week as we explore the nebulous origins of the beloved '80s board game Fireball Island, then stick around as we play it live and encounter the limits of marble physics firsthand. 

Show Notes
02:55 Ep #158 | Clue
05:55 Fireball Island dimensional board
06:22 Vul-Kar
11:14 Simon
12:46 Fireball Island TV commercial
16:30 Big cameo
17:02 Child's Play cameo
23:20 "Strange work" in the Hourchive
31:30 Reanimator: Great Balls of Fire
32:58 Proposed Island Hopper expansion packs
34:04 Bruce Lund's portfolio 
37:20 Yeti Mountain Kickstarter
46:35 "You hit a fireball, you hit the Fireball"
51:01 Escape from Fireball Island D&D campaign 

The Percolator | February 13, 2018

percolator-album art.png

Like a spider (or a particle beam creating alternate realities in which monsters could potentially invade the earth), Tom Delonge creeps into our conversation on the latest Cloverfield film, Altered Carbon, and the Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl teaser.  

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:20 Comments: Ep #296 | Bests 2017
08:30 Comments: The Percolator | January 23, 2018
09:48 Comments: The Percolator | January 30, 2018
10:05 Comments: Ep #297 | Hamilton: The Musical
12:53 Comments: The Percolator | February 6, 2018
13:53 Alex Jones presents: ChemTrails Theme Song
14:40 Alex Jones goes Super Saiyan
15:29 Blink 182: Snake Charmer
The Percolator
24:30 The Hourchive Deep Dive on Apple Podcasts
24:40 Drew's spoyder video
37:36 Somebody on the Internet is Wrong