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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #316 | Gorillaz


This week we go deep on Gorillaz. Who are the members? Where did they come from? All your questions are answered in this comprehensive look at coolest cartoon band on the face of the Earth.

Show Notes
Ep #316 | Gorillaz playlist (Spotify)
"Bill Murray" - Gorillaz
Damon Albarn
Jamie Hewlett
Deadline Magazine
Neil Cicierega - Wndrwll

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The Percolator | July 10, 2018

percolator-album+art (1).png

Nick and Drew find themselves trapped in a pocket universe this week. But that doesn't stop them from helping nerds remake The Last Jedi.

Show Notes
Pocket Universe episode

Interlude: You've Got a Friend in Me

This week we discuss:
Welcome to Marwen | Marwencol (documentary)
The totally realistic logistics behind the "Remake the Last Jedi" movement
A journey to Guitar Center
Glass (2019)
Exam (2009)
Circle (2015)


Ep #315 | The Gateway Arch