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A conversation about everything, one hour at a time

The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

The Percolator | June 19, 2018

Ep #312 | Beetlejuice


Say our name three times and join us in a scale model of The Hourchive for an enthusiastic debate about the longevity of Tim Burton's breakthrough film, a round of Elistination featuring the many colorful recently deceased characters, and an attempt to bring murderous David Geffen to justice. We'll eat anything you want us to eat; we'll swaller anything you want us to swaller. Come on down, now...chew on the dog! 

Show Notes
Danny Elfman: Beetlejuice Main Titles
Geffen Pictures logo
Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget
Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian script
Bill and Ted 3 is officially happening
Beetlejuice TV commercial
Waiting room characters
Original Beetlejuice Universal Studios show (with the Ghostbusters), 1991

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Adam's summer performance with Ambassadors of Harmony

The Percolator | June 13, 2018

percolator-album art.png

All four of us are in the steeper this week to pay tribute to Anthony Bourdain, pick our Pirates of the Caribbean names, and retrace Jared Leto's journey from terrible to ok and back to terrible again. 

Show Notes
Harb Binli comes to the Hourchive Instagram feed
SO Delicious Caramel Cashew Cluster ice cream
Interlude music: Iggy Pop: The Passenger
Anthony Bourdain's vichyssoise soup recipe
Anthony Bourdain on Hidden America
Dinner for Five

Anthony Bourdain goes to Waffle House
Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean reopening day pirate naming card