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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #303 | Gaslight Square


Join John and Nick on a wistful walk down the bygone blocks of a beloved St. Louis entertainment district and explore how a street briefly became a square.

Show Notes
10:25 The History of Gaslight Square
25:01 Elistination: Establishments of Gaslight Square  
25:50 A Musical Tour of Gaslight Square
33:09 Map of Gaslight Square establishments circa 1959-1969
37:08 Gaslight Square at its peak (St. Louis Magazine)
51:45 KETC's Living St. Louis: Gaslight Square
55:42 The Oral History of Gaslight Square
57:18 Beatnik Bob's at the City Museum
58:01 Original Gaslight Square sign at Joe's Cafe

The Percolator | March 14, 2018

percolator-album art.png

John and Nick weigh in on Thor: Ragnarok, box-office grosses adjusted for inflation, a timeline of Corey Haim hair, and the WWE-ification of The Bachelor.

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:50 Comments: The Percolator | March 7, 2018
03:38 Comments: Ep #301 | Guilty Pleasures Mixtape
04:04 Sun, Beautiful Sun (Bubble Guppies)
05:13 Marc Bonilla: Afterburner (Airborne)
06:33 Rollerboy Carousel (Prayer of the Rollerboys)
07:18 Weezer: My Best Friend 
08:55 Hundred Acre Wood Rally Race
10:04 Comments: Ep #302 | Akira
11:52 Janet Jackson: Black Cat
The Percolator
13:34 Will John Love It or Hate It: Thor: Ragnarok
18:25 Top US box-office gross adjusted for inflation

Ep #302 | Akira


For our first retrospectacular of 2018, we ride our red motorbikes straight into the heart of Neo-Tokyo to lavish praise on the best film of 1988 featuring a city-devouring goopy arm, then fantasy-cast the long-delayed but inevitable American remake. 

Show Notes
07:01 Nick's Akira VHS | back cover
13:20 The "Robocop" sequence
45:36 Wizard Magazine casts the X-Men movie
57:48 "I don't feel so good." (Cloverfield)
59:02 Tetsuo's loses an arm