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Ep #325 | Halloween


Awesome Spooky Month 2018 concludes with a celebration spanning the entire history (er, HISTORY) of Halloween, from guising for good fortune to partying with skeletal pandas. Come trick or treat with us; no jokes required.

Show Notes
Ep #321 | The Halloween Franchise
Killing Joke: Eighties
Ep #46 | Trick-or-Treating
Harry Nilsson: I’d Rather Be Dead
Drew’s wizard costume
45 Grave: Partytime (Zombie Version)
Adam and Drew in costume through the years: Joker and the Doctor | Borg and Casey Jones | Zombie and Luigi | Ghostbuster and Scarecrow | Dia de los Muertos and Frankenstein’s Monster | Two-Face and Panda
Drew as a skeletal panda | With friends

Ep #324 | Spiders


Would you give a spider a high-five? Awesome Spooky Month continues as Adam weaves of web of fascinating facts and anecdotes regarding the most infamous of creepy crawlies, Nick kindly tortures one the most antagonistic arachnids around, and John is seized with fear, awe, and disgust.

Show Notes
Oingo Boingo: Spider
Spider scene from The Mist
Nick’s spider video
Camel spider photo
They Might Be Giants: Spider
Enemy ending