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Arcades | Ep #01

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Armed with a pocketful of quarters and nostalgia, we prowl through the ruins of Aladdin's Castle and contract Pac-Man fever in our quest to recall the glory days of the video arcade. Side-ponytails, cheese fries, and Revolution X are among the relics of questionable value we uncover along the way. 

Show Notes:
00:45 Early arcade memories (the Dogpatch / Training ground / redemption centers / Revolution X)
09:50 Arcade etiquette (co-op vs...versus? / stranger danger / Hypercolor jerk)
15:03 The dream (John Woo-style / there’s always a girl / performance anxiety / klutz on skates / a shared moment / to the victor go the cheese fries / “Oh, they have games here...”)

26:25 Interlude: “Lots of people are playing ‘em.”
26:45 Arcadar (the search / “I put a pin in that place.”)
29:50 It’s not the games, it’s the atmosphere (darkness / “just a bunch of dirty kids” / neon / vaguely post-apocalyptic / zones / a cacophony of noise)
33:10 It’s gotta be loud (arcade music / a certain type of song / the Lilith Fair arcade / Lisa Loeb in a coin belt)
36:05 Interlude: “Pac-Man Fever”
37:00 Peripherals (loitering / cheese products / laser tag: the seed of nemeses / bumper cars / VR)
42:38 The downfall
45:00 It can never be what it was (retro arcades / 1984 / “the card is the worst.” / Dave & Busters: too legit / Chuck E. Cheese: what happened?)


Ep. 01: Arcades

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