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Christmas Presents | Ep #52

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Whether you prefer to start with the stockings or dive under the tree, help pass the time until Christmas morning with our look back at some favorite presents and present-opening moments of Christmas past. 
Show Notes: 
01:28 Christmas Eve presents
08:48 The Thundertank
10:57 The G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier
11:54 Over Our Heads (the Facts of Life gift shop)
12:29 Drew receives a TV and smites his sister
14:47 SEGA Genesis starter kit w/Sonic the Hedgehog
18:25 Post-present euphoria
24:10 "The Hot Seat"
32:05 The Scavenger Hunt Method
39:35 Stockings-first vs. the stocking surprise
41:20 The Batman stocking scandal 
49:57 Drew doesn't want to know
51:05 "Those have to be back by midnight." 
52:42 Delayed gratification
56:19 One turntable and no microphones
59:25 The gift of giving


Christmas Presents | Ep #52

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