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The Schoolyard | Ep #24

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Red rover, red rover; we're coming over to talk about playground performances, blacktop brawls, and whatever that game is where you throw a tennis ball at a wall. Meet you at the bike racks!   

Show Notes: 
04:00 Snipers and sneakers
06:28 John's secret garden
08:55 Dicken holds court 
13:05 Interlude: Paul Simon: "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" 
13:45 Child's Delight
20:15 The confounding geodesic playground dome
26:18 Tussels and fisticuffs
37:37 The purple scatter
39:30 Interlude: The Rules of Four Square
46:19 Mr. Savage, the four square tyrant

The Schoolyard | Ep #24

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