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Carnivals and Fairs | Ep #38

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We close out our first summer series with a ride on the Scrambler, a pig in the race, and a pie in the face. Join us at the top of the Ferris Wheel; just don't be surprised if you get a peck on the cheek.   

Show Notes: 

00:45 Pulltabs
04:35 Carniventure
05:40 Traveling carnivals
06:42 Carnivale (series / mythology)
09:35 Please keep your hands and arms inside your ride vehicle 
10:52 Gravitron incidents
12:15 Classic carnival rides (GravitronSalt n' Pepper Shakers / Zipper / Octopus / Pirate ship)
16:20 Carny taunts
16:40 Music Express
18:15 Carnival scene from The Sandlot
19:55 Carnivations
20:40 Interlude: The Champs: "Tequila"
21:37 The Scrambler
24:50 Ferris Wheel
26:00 Stolen moments
29:30 Interlude: The Rosebuds: "Waiting for the Carnival"
30:20 Carnival/midway games
32:48 Glass carnival prize tiles
37:00 County/state fairs
37:40 Fair competition
40:47 The fried food phenomenon
41:20 The semantics of fried butter
44:50 Interlude: Warrant: "Cherry Pie"
45:45 Eating contests
46:00 "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan" (Stand By Me)
46:36 Hot Fuzz carnival scene
47:30 Charlotte's Web ("A Veritable Smorgasboard")
48:25 Strangers on a Train finale
49:03 Big 
50:40 Something Wicked This Way Comes 
50:55 Sideshows
51:40 Freaks / Freaked
53:35 Firefly sideshow scene
54:06 Fireworks 

Carnivals and Fairs | Ep #38

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