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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Summer Refreshments | #35

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Crack open a cool one and pull up some door frame. We're talking about those things you yearn for on a hot, summer day. An ice cold beer, a fizzy soda, a glass    

Show Notes: 

01:03 Boring
01:22 Serving up another frosty, cold Summer Series episode
01:36 Mike Shannon "Make it a bud light!"
01:58 Beer!
04:55 Your first beer
08:57 The ghost in the beer
12:10 Wine (or things that are hard to enjoy in the summer)
17:29 The Lean™
20:34 Interlude: Reel Big Fish "Beer"
19:31 Soda: The Adolescent Beer
20:50 Coke vs. Pepsi
22:34 Pepsi UFO commercial directed by Ridley Scott
25:51 Pepsi Perfect
28:11 Root Beer
31:42 Crystal Pepsi
33:09 Jones Soda
34:55 Interlude: Michael Jackson "Pepsi Generation" 
35:42 Lemonade/Kool-Aid stands
39:22 Kool-Aid
39:54 HI-C Ecto Cooler | Ecto Cooler Recipe
40:47 Squeeze It 
41:12 Interlude: Hi-C Ecto-Cooler 
41:37 Fla-Vor-Ice
45:50 Drumsticks
46:35 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
47:23 Popsicles
49:52 Frozen Custard | Fritz's Frozen Custard
53:39 Snow Cones
54:08 Funky Monkey
56:17 Slurpees
1:00:10 The Slurpee Run

Summer Refreshments | #35