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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Magic | Ep #41

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For our next trick, we'll make 56 minutes disappear while recounting the magical dance moves of David Copperfield and the difference between wizards and sorcerers (according to Dungeons & Dragons). Oh oh, it's magic.    

Show Notes: 

01:40 Dr. So & So's Magical Elixir
10:46 David Copperfield
11:30 Levitating the Orient Express
13:30 Flying with a lady
14:20 Interlude: Steve Miller Band: "Abracadabra"
18:03 Walking through the Great Wall
20:35 Freddy Krueger's Copperfield impression
27:50 Interlude: Pilot: "Magic"
29:05 Penn & Teller (Magical Mystery Tour)
30:20 Illusionists (Lance Burton / Chris Angel / David Blane [parody] [with Leo])
33:12 Harry Houdini
34:16 The Houdini Seance
35:40 The Magic Castle
36:95 Gob (Arrested Development)
37:15 The Masked Magician
38:05 Interlude: Focus: "Hocus Pocus" (Live at the Rainbow)
38:52 Wizards
44:16 Alchemy
45:20 Wizards vs. Sorcerers 
49:25 The Dresden Files
52:35 Malleable magic

Magic | Ep #41