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Awards Shows | Ep #58

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We're real happy for you, and we're gonna let you finish, but this is the best awards show podcast of all-time. All-time!   
Show Notes: 
02:55 An inherent distaste
16:35 Interlude: James Cameron's asanine victory speech
18:40 The Oscars: the worst of "the best"
23:55 The achievement exception
28:16 The consolation prize
31:14 Interlude: "Academ of Robots Choice Awards Special" (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
32:30 The Golden Globes (a.k.a. the Ricky Gervais Hollywood Roast)
36:20 The Grammys (who is Arcade Fire?)
37:15 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards
40:55 MTV Awards Shows
43:10 Interlude: Kanye Interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMAs
53:30 The "Best" award 

Awards Shows | Ep #58

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