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Suburbia | Ep #56

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City living got you down? Grab your 2.4 kids and join us this week for a virtual block party in Pleasantville.  
Show Notes: 
01:14 "I know what a cul de sac is."
03:10 Sub-urban
06:10 The outsider's perspective
09:51 The insider's rebuttal
15:55 Interlude: Descendents: "Suburban Home"
19:10 Evolution
22:04 Suburban mythology
27:25 Interlude: Arcade Fire: "The Suburbs"
29:10 These are the people in your neighborhood
33:01 The perception of safety
34:10 I Know My First Name is Steven
39:05 The perils of hide-and-seek
41:58 Nobody walks in Naperville
45:58 Interlude: Screeching Weasel: "Hey Suburbia"
47:10 Tiki torch wizards
53:20 Jay Z: "Big Pimpin'" 
57:50 Listener poll: do you live in the city, or the "city?"

Suburbia | Ep #56

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