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Digital Music | Ep #60

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This week we dig into digital music access and discover a thorny Pandora's box (not to be confused with, which, incidentally, we also discuss). What is to become of the jewel case moguls? Join us as we find out.      
Show Notes: 
00:52 Napster
04:58 Metallica: "Napters bad!"
06:20 The argument for analog
15:10 Portlandia: "We can pickle that!"
16:40 Interlude: NOFX: "One Million Coasters"
17:40 "Upgrading"
19:30 The MP3 quality trade-off
22:17 Cloud storage and the limits of digital-only
26:20 Drew's self-imposed CD challenge
30:15 What's wrong with the new iTunes
31:20 Interlude: "Weird Al" Yankovich: "Don't Download This Song"
33:35 The entitlement era
44:25 Interlude: Reel Big Fish: "Sell Out"
47:05 Tim Armstrong's song of the day
48:37 Streaming (Rdio / Pandora / Spotify)
51:20 Where's the money going?

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Digital Music | Ep #60

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