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BMX Bandits | Ep #65

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Two's company, but three will get you talked about - 1983, that is. We kick off our 30-year anniversary retrospectacle series on the films of 1983 with what is likely the first-ever hour-long discussion of Aussie kidsploitation masterpiece BMX Bandits.   
Show Notes: 
01:20 Movies of 1983
02:40 BMX Bandits
04:05 John's criteria for awesome movies
06:40 Interlude: Australian BMX Bandits TV promo
07:17 "The Australian Goonies"
27:45 Interlude: BMX Bandits Main Theme
34:30 The waterslide scene
43:20 Interlude: BMX Bandits End Credits
46:12 Brian Trenchard-Smith
49:35 The BMX Bandits saga
50:55 Gosling is Goose

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