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Part-Time Jobs (Part 1) | Ep #71

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We're turning back time and clocking in for a two-part discussion of our favorite and not-so-favorite part-time jobs.  
Show Notes: 
04:15 Needs and wants
08:05 "Come into this office and take calls from weirdos."
10:50 "No, DON Wayne."
15:05 Return of the Living Dead trailer
15:40 Interlude: The Silhouettes: "Get a Job"
16:25 Fritz's Frozen Custard
20:50 The Machine
28:45 Interlude: Loverboy: "Working for the Weekend"
31:30 "Dipping"
33:25 The witching hour
38:30 Clocking in
40:15 "Little Dirty"
43:45 Interlude: Wax: "Mallrats"
45:00 See also: The Mall | Ep #10
49:05 Suncoast Motion Picture Company
58:10 Star Trek 30 Years and Beyond 

See also: Video Rental | Episode #17

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Part-Time Jobs (Part 1) | Ep #71

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Reader Comments (1)

Geeze, Drew, Kids are babies until they're 4, not 7. At least get the facts straight if you're going to call me out on the air. :)

May 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAshley

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