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Sandwiches | Ep #105


Show Notes

03:35 John Mantagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich
09:10 Mantagus and Capulets
10:53 Interlude: Cherry Glazerr: "Grilled Cheese"
13:28 Grilled cheese
18:30 The London Tea Room
22:16 See also: Breakfast | Ep #57
22:35 Interlude: Teen Idols: "Peanut Butter Girl"
23:15 Peanut butter and jelly
30:29 Superman Peanut Butter
35:10 Interlude: The Newbeats: "Bread and Butter"
41:56 The deli counter
48:24 Bacon Butty
49:03 BLT
56:42 Bahn Mi So

Join us at the lunch counter, but remember to hold the tomatoes. 

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