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Ep #143 | Sequels, KitKats, and Something Weird

We're back, and this time it's personal. Hourchive with a vengeance as we detail some of our favorite movie sequels and what makes them great. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:30 Comments: "SpookyGames.m4a"

02:45 Interlude: Blondie: "Hanging on the Telephone"

The Percolator
06:45 Moto X
08:50 Android OS versions
09:22 KitKat candy store commercial ("So good you'll roar")
10:40 KitKat "Gimme a Break" commercial
11:10 Snickers Betty White commercial
11:40 Skittles beard commercial

23:12 Alan Silvestri: "The West" (Back to the Future Part II)

Feature: Sequels

Special Feature: Best Cut Bits #02