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Ep #149 | The Terminator, The Interview, and the Movies of 1984

Come with us if you want to live... through a lengthy, enthusiastic riff on the movie that made James Cameron a bankable name and gave the world Bill Paxton. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:35 Previous 1984 Retrospectaculars: The Karate Kid | Ghostbusters | A Nightmare on Elm Street 

02:50 Interlude: AFI: "The Interview"

The Percolator
06:55 Sony Pictures hack timeline / speculation (Reddit)

10:55 Interlude: Hanny Williams: "Terminator Theme" (The Terminator)

Feature: The Terminator
15:03 Terminator pre-credits title card
54:05 Terminator: Genysis trailer


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