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Roleplaying | Ep #108


Like an 18th-level vampire reborn as a 1st-level mage, a "lost" topic bubbles back to the surface of the Hourchive as we're (re)joined by guest Hourchivist Adam to seek untold knowledge and experience (points). 

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Show Notes
02:48 Dungeons & Dragons
04:55 THAC0
06:05 Vampire: The Masquerade
07:15 White Wolf Publishing
09:20 LARPing
13:50 Interlude: Weezer: "In the Garage"
24:42 Interlude: Dead Vampires: "City of Vampires"
25:35 The vampire-to-mage incident
41:05 Interlude: "Roll a D6"
45:18 Types of roleplayers

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