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Ep #138 | Cryptids, the Ataris, and the Original Earth

The first howl of Awesome Spooky Month 2014 echoes from the woods of North America to the depths of a Scottish loch to the bamboo forests of the Philippines with stories and sightings of creatures long rumored but never officially confirmed. Don your gorilla suit and join us on a realish-world monster hunt. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:00 Addendums: Ep #136 | Comic Strips
01:50 Pogo Earth Day poster
02:52 Genesis: "Land of Confusion" video

04:15 Interlude: The Ataris: "1*15*96"

The Percolator 
05:30 The Ataris
09:03 Kris Roe loses it, plays rest of show solo

19:50 Interlude: Los Straightjackets: "Sasquatch"

Feature: Cryptids
21:30 Awesome Spooky Month
23:20 Cryptozoology 
24:20 Mysteries of the Unknown
25:35 Cryptids
27:05 Bigfoot / Sasquatch
35:25 Yeti
38:15 Disco Yeti
39:30 Loch Ness Monster
42:05 Bessie
42:50 Champ

45:10 Interlude: The Beatles: "Octopus's Garden"

46:58 Aswang
49:55 Cryptobotany
50:35 Man-eating tree 
52:20 Dingonek
52:45 The Jersey Devil
55:20 List of Cryptids
55:30 Momo the Monster

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