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Ep #164 | Binge-Watching, Trailing On, and Pong

Clear your day; you're not going anywhere. Settle in with us this week as we share some thoughts on the binge-viewing phenomenon and critique a few recent movie trailers. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:04 Comments: Ep #163 | Video Games (Part 1)
04:20 Colossal Cave Adventure

08:55 Interlude: Bracket: "Trailer Park"

The Percolator: Trailing On
10:05 Jurassic World clip
15:15 Terminator: Genisys trailer 2
21:05 Ant-Man trailer

30:00 Interlude: Lunachicks: "Binge and Purge"

Feature: Binge-Watching
30:52 Daredevil 
33:20 Binge-watching 
44:10 Netflix, House of Cards, and big data

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