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Ep #172 | Podcasts, Apple Music, and a '90s Pop Preview

Remember podcasts? Also, let's make fun of U2. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:57 Comments: Ep #171 | Jim's '70s Mixtape

02:03 Interlude: Beach House: "Apple Orchard (demo)"

The Percolator
02:50 Apple Music
05:45 Apple Music vs. other streaming services | Mashable

19:50 Interlude: Rick Springfield: "Don't Talk To Strangers"

Feature: Podcasts
28:24 The X-Files Files Podcast
29:50 Comedy Bang! Bang!
36:10 Smodcast 
43:55 Night of the Living Podcast
47:20 Michael and Tom Eat Snacks
50:45 John's current podcast subscriptions
58:20 Drew's current podcast subscriptions 
1:05:40 If You Really Want to Hear About It

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