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Ep #235 | Spooky TV, Holiday Season Etiquette, and Main Street Magic

Do not attempt to adjust your streaming box. Guest Hourchivist Adam is back for a typically contentious roundtable chat about eerie TV shows and Halloween-themed specials. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
04:15 Comments: Ep #232 | Nintendo (Part 2)
08:12 Comments: Ep #234 | Spooky Mixtape

08:55 Happy Fangs: All I Want for Christmas is Halloween

The Prefatorium
14:45 Trailing On: Rogue One (Trailer 2)

34:07 Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks Theme

Feature: Spooky TV
36:30 Halloween-themed TV episodes and specials

Ep #236 | Horror Movie Genres, Bone Claws, and the Nintendo Switch

Ep #234 | Spooky Mixtape 2016