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Ep #237 | Transformers: The Movie, Filmstruck, and a Few Words from Trent Reznor

We've got the touch this week as our 1986 Retrospectacular series transforms and rolls out a detailed look back at the beloved animated spectacle of vehicular brutality that broke every six-year-old boy's heart. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
04:05 Comments: Ep #236 | Horror Movie Genres

12:28 Dooley Wilson: As Time Goes By (Casablanca) 

The Percolator
13:43 Filmstruck

25:11 Lion: Transformers Theme

Feature: Transformers: The Movie
1:06:20 G.I. Joe Swampfire
1:06:45 Unicron playset

Ep #238 | What We're Up To

Ep #236 | Horror Movie Genres, Bone Claws, and the Nintendo Switch