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Ep #220 | Replay Value, a Yuge Wager, and an Offer We Can't Refuse

We have dozens of new shows and movies to watch, books to read, songs to hear, but we keep watching, reading, and listening to the same stuff. Guest Hourchivist Chris joins us to help figure out why. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
07:20 Comments: Ep #219 | Nostalgia

12:14 NOFX: Murder the Government

The Percolator
19:10 "We've already lost."

24:40 Mel Young: The Killer (Archer closing theme)

Feature: Replay Value
On Repeat: Why People Watch Shows and Movies Over and Over | The Atlantic
Why You Like to Watch the Same Thing Over and Over Again | Scientific American
38:40 Zootropia "sloth" trailer
1:04:25 Guy drops Slurpee

Ep #221 | The Misfits, Movie Hecklers, and a Can of Ecto Cooler

Ep #219 | Nostalgia, George R. R. Martin's Definition of Urgency, and Kelly's Coverup