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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Pizza Night #04


We close out the latest season of the show as we always do: stuffing our faces and debating things like what's wrong with the DCEU, whether Rob Liefeld is more popular than Todd McFarlane, and why Thanos looks better with salmon skin than purple skin. It's Pizza Night! 

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
02:12 Comments: The Percolator | September 26, 2017
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05:04 Ashley and Drew's turkey brine recipe
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10:58 Fraggle Rock opening theme
The Hourchive: Pizza Night
20:55 Rob Liefeld's Icons script excerpts
26:00 Avengers: Infinity War trailer
50:52 Nick and Travis meet Ron Funches
59:08 Ep #112 | Grocery Stores
01:03:56 The Advent Calendar House podcast
01:15:15 Ambassadors of Harmony