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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #325 | Halloween


Awesome Spooky Month 2018 concludes with a celebration spanning the entire history (er, HISTORY) of Halloween, from guising for good fortune to partying with skeletal pandas. Come trick or treat with us; no jokes required.

Show Notes
Ep #321 | The Halloween Franchise
Killing Joke: Eighties
Ep #46 | Trick-or-Treating
Harry Nilsson: I’d Rather Be Dead
Drew’s wizard costume
45 Grave: Partytime (Zombie Version)
Adam and Drew in costume through the years: Joker and the Doctor | Borg and Casey Jones | Zombie and Luigi | Ghostbuster and Scarecrow | Dia de los Muertos and Frankenstein’s Monster | Two-Face and Panda
Drew as a skeletal panda | With friends