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Ep #260 (Clean Edit)

This round, we continue our 2-year eulogy for Rdio, learn how to use Snapchat like Adam, dig into Drew's aversion to public recognition, ponder a Nickelodeon game shows' shared cinematic universe, analyze Adam's need to apologize to retail associates, the ultimate destiny of the japporsnippet, and more. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:54 La Pizza
01:36 Comments: Ep #260 | Artisanal Stuff
06:48 Breakneck Hobbyist: Needled Felted Animals   
10:13 The Sunflowers: Hasta La Pizza / Rest in Pepperoni
The Hourchive: Pizza Night #02
31:13 Ep #34 | Road Trips
37:05 Video Power mall sequence
01:05:06 Nathan For You: Dumb Starbucks / Frozen Yogurt
01:23:13 *Extreme Spoiler Alert* Legion
01:25:50 *End Spoilers*    

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