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Star Trek | Ep #03

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Stardate 12.14.11. Friend of the show and guest Hourchivist Bret joins us on a fifty-six minute mission to explore strange new words, seek out new civilized sweaters, and boldly go to Las Vegas. Set phasers on fun!

Show Notes: 
01:25  A good cross-section of knowledge (John, you don't know a lot, right?)
  Original cast vs. Next Gen cast (John, you really don't know a lot, do you?)
10:04  Celebrity Klingons
12:30  The biggest shit-disturbers in the galaxy (inverted mirror!)
14:11  What do you like most about Star Trek? (a U.N. that works / uniforms / weird alien kids)
25:49  You don't want to be an unjoined Trill
29:53  Interlude: Reading Rainbow
32:20  Loosey-goosey Federation guidelines (every day was Casual Friday for Wesley)
35:15  Trek tech (a remarkable Wolf Blitzer impression)
40:18  The Wrath of Shatner
42:22  What happens in the 24th century stays in the 24th century (Star Trek: The Experience)
51:28  Press your face up against the glass and blow on it
53:35  Get a life!


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