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Toy Stores | Ep #04

The Hourchive: Toy Stores
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To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we save up our allowance and set off in search of the great American toy store, with stops along the way to trade punches over Power Wheels and find out what happened to all of those postcards we sent in to Nickelodeon in 1989.

Show Notes:
04:05 The annual toy crop
Broken teeth and Cabbage Patch Kids(supply and demand)
09:22 Children’s Palace
13:14 The jingles (Drew is wrong)
14:30 A catalog page you can live in (the Toys ‘R Us legend)
27:02 May the (FAO) Schwarz be with you
37:20 Skeletor Live and In-Person (DJ Jazzy Dork)
41:25 Babies ruin everything
46:20 That’s not a toy store (hobby shops / flea markets / novelty stores)
52:47 The super toy run

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