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90s Music | Episode #09

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Don't go chasing waterfalls... stick with us as we cut holes in our jeans, dial MTV, and take Alanis Morissette to task for her lack of irony. 

Show Notes:  
01:41 Bill & Ted invoke the philosophy of Bret Michaels 
 The late 80s: a great big mess 
04:03 The 90s: why so serious? 
09:15 Scarf-tossing anthems and holes in the knees of your jeans
11:30 Interlude: Spin Doctors: "Two Princes"
12:40 Pop music is decade-proof
18:03 Stomping ground
21:54 VJ Throwdown
26:10 Interlude: MTV's Summer 1995 Promo
32:03 Do your best Billy Corgan
39:20 Way to go, Rob Somebody
43:19 You say... we should talk about '90s alterna-chicks

90s Music | Ep #09

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