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Polymaths | Ep #08

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This week James Franco takes time out of his busy schedule to school us on Renaissance men and women, including field trips to 17th-century France, Oprah's couch, Mathmagicland, and Westworld. 

Show Notes:  
01:35 There are two kinds of people... 
 James Franco sings with drag queens
06:34 James Franco reads in bed and destroys a room
08:40 Professor Franco's polymath course
09:57 Interlude: Franco on Jimmy Kimmel Live
26:10 Scilebrities and Celebritists
27:42 Interlude: Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot
38:40 The Bo Jackson Regime
40:41 Bo Knows
45:30 Interlude: Pro Stars Opening Theme
46:50 Michael Crichton
48:42 Westworld
50:15 Francobots are the future 

Polymaths | Ep #08

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