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Special Features | Ep #06

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Show Notes:



02:12 From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga
Inside Jabba's tail
05:26 What do you mean by "bonus?"
07:30 Double-features
11:25 Trailers: special or not?
14:00 Interlude: Psycho trailer (1960)
13:20 The Making-Of VHS Phenomenon (Jurassic Park / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
25:25 Interlude: The surfer animator soliloquy
26:10 The "Big" Laserdisc Era
27:56 The Powers of 10 (Science!)
30:03 DVDs ("Let's see how these do.")
31:10 Special feature standbys
37:02 Interlude: Schwarzenegger on Total Recall (Best. Commentary. Ever)
47:00 Favorite special features:
Drew: The Making of The Phantom Menace / Lord of the Rings Extended Edition behind-the-scenes / Mallrats audio commentary
John: "The shark is not working" (Jaws) / Sex Pistols on Bill Grundy (Sid & Nancy) / Evil Dead II commentary


Special Features | Ep #06

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