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Modern Movie Monsters | Ep #07

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After being locked in the Hourchive during a nuclear explosion, we emerge with hideously profuse knowledge of Godzilla, cryptozoologic creatures, and the trick to getting around that "no eating after midnight" rule (hint: just don't wear a watch!). 

Show Notes:  
02:18 Modern monsters (when gluing fur on your face just doesn't cut it)
 Children of the bomb: Japan's atomic monsters
13:05 Misties
18:33 "Gonna need a weapon" (Attack the Block)
19:01 The Attack the Block creatures
21:30 It's a movie with a monster, not a monster movie (The Host | Cloverfield
27:09 Cryptozoology primer 
33:50 Interlude: Tenacious D: "Sasquatch"
34:42 Slashers
37:54 "Glove Guy" Special feature standbys
45:16 Interlude: Dokken: "Dream Warriors" 
46:36 Gremlins and the PG-13 rating
53:49 Gremlins Go to the Movies: Snow White | Hulk Hogan

57:55 Tremors 
1:02:02 Xenowhats?

Classic Movie Monsters 

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Modern Movie Monsters | Episode #07

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