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Trick-or-Treating | Ep #46

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Reach your hand into our audio candy bowl and pull out a retrospective treat on our favorite candies, costumes, and comedy stylings from Halloweens past.     

Show Notes: 

01:50 Candy
02:50 Candy cigarettes
04:35 Chocolate Halloween lollipops
05:01 Fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls
05:15 Vampire Suckers
08:01 Candy corn
09:55 Gooey peanut butter gobs
12:30 Interlude: Nat King Cole: "Candy"
13:40 Trick-or-treat goodie bags (spider rings / plastic fangs)
19:05 "Fun size"
21:35 Interlude: Ministry: "Everyday is Halloween"
22:55 Trick-or-treating ettiquette 
33:30 The plastic classic
34:20 McDonald's McBoo Halloween pails
37:20 Everybody's a comedian on Halloween
39:30 Interlude: The Creepshow: "Halloween"
40:25 80s He-Man costume

Trick-or-Treating | Ep #46

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