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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark | Ep #47

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Gather around the fire and let us give you the creeps. We're celebrating Halloween in the Hourchive with our first live audience and a round of scary storytelling. And maybe a few euphemisms.       

Show Notes: 

04:04 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwarz
05:43 "Strange and Scary Things"
10:00 Interlude: Danny Elfman: "Sleepy Hallow Main Title"
10:48 "The Hook"
15:45 "The Thing"
19:31 "The Girl Who Sat on a Grave"
21:55 Interlude: John Harrison: "Creepshow End Theme"
22:50 "A New Horse"
29:08 "High Beams"
34:25 "The White Wolf"
38:09 "What Do You Come For?"
40:05 Tric Interlude: Fred Myrow & Malcom Seagrove: "Phantasm Intro and Main Titles"
41:00 "The Haunted House"
47:01 "The Babysitter"

One more thing...
A big, scary thanks to the Phantom of the Hourchive, Jeff Wilson, for his seriously spooky, altogether ooky Awesome Spooky Month theme music.  

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark | Ep #47

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