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Theme Restaurants | Ep #49

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There were no utencils in medieval times, hence there are no utencils at Medieval Times... but there are a lot of awesome things to talk about. 
Show Notes: 
04:15 Fauxthentic international cuisine (Macaroni Grill / Casa Gallardo)

07:08 Drew's Casa shirt
10:20 Appledays
11:34 Hard Rock Cafe 
14:05 Planet Hollywood
15:01 Interlude: Planet Hollywood London Opening (1993)
15:50 Planet Hollywood St. Louis
16:30 The Expendables
20:01 Halloween II credits sequence / Masters of the Universe soldier
24:40 Planet Hollywood Chicken Crunch
25:15 Lambert's Cafe
26:28 "Throwed rolls"
30:50 Cracker Barrel
32:45 Interlude: Medeival Times (The Cable Guy)
33:12 Medieval Times
35:09 John's skatepark restaurant
36:59 Drew's future-space restaurant
43:35 Interlude: Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater (audio)
45:10 Rainforest Cafe
45:50 T-Rex Cafe
48:30 Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
49:41 Drew's giant monster restaurant
52:30 Animator's Palette (Disney Cruise Line)
54:10 Interlude: Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color theme 
55:15 Magic Time Machine Restaurant 

Theme Restaurants | Ep #49

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