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High School | Ep #50

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Have a no. 2 pencil ready. John and Drew regale you with tales of success and despair in the hallowed halls of American education. And give me that hat! You can have it back at the end of class.
**Warning: This episode contains some bad words. So, if you don't like that kind of thing...**
Show Notes: 
00:45 One year on the (digital) air
03:38 Mahoney vs. Harris
07:18 A volatile time
08:52 Drew: The Sterling Student
09:55 "Something Stinks at the Valley Breeze"
16:52 Interlude: Who Cares? (Election)
19:37 Student Council: Legitimate Government or Administratively Sanctioned Caste System?
21:52 "All the Student Council President's Men"
33:30 The New Administration
37:01 Cheering for those who are great: Mr. Cowan
39:00 Lockers
39:35 The Crowley No-Locker Method™
42:01 Lunch
45:00 "The area. Is off. Limits."
49:13 High School Dances
55:22 "The People's Choice"
57:53 Interlude: Aqua "Barbie Girl"
59:10 Mixers: Blind Dating En Masse
1:03:25 I "went to prom."
1:05:43 Graduation
1:07:27 "This has gotta be THE speech."
1:10:22 "Gentlemen, do not throw your caps."
1:13:12 Yearbook photos

High School | Ep #50

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