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Snow Days | Ep #13

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Don your snow pants and start making wampa noises, 'cause you're not going anywhere in this storm. Might as well make the most of it and join us as we talk broken coccyges and Calvin & Hobbes. 

Show Notes:  
03:50 Our three favorite words: "No school today" 
 The forbidden pleasures of daytime TV
09:00 Snow pants 
10:33 The best bowl of cereal of the year
13:48 Right in the coccyx
19:26 Snow forts > snow balls
27:21 The snowman inferiority complex
29:31 Snowdays nowadays
32:29 Snowbound cinema
36:20 Right outta snowwhere
39:20 There's snow stopping these drivers
41:05 Snowsports
51:55 Interlude: Thundersnow

Snow Days | Ep #13

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