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Valentine's Day | Ep #12

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Roses are red, but violets aren't blue; discover this and other shocking Valentine's Day revelations this week with John and Drew.

Show Notes:  
01:20 Our audio valentine to you 
 The valentine collection device
11:28 Ruh roh, I've got the hots for you? 
15:55 Interlude: Misfits: "Last Caress"
18:29 Serious business
21:25 Vitriol Day
25:05 Everyone loves chalk hearts
27:47 Ornithologists love boobies 
31:45 Drew's awkward stomach
35:08 Love and rockets
39:45 Peaceful coexistance
43:07 This'saint a holiday
44:40 Interlude: Nirvana: "Heart Shaped Box"
53:25 A game of chocolate Tetris

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