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The Wire | Ep #11

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The Wire may not be a show for everyone, but this episode of The Hourchive is. The first half of this two-hourchive epic is a Wire primer for those who've never seen the show; the second is a season-by-season discussion of exactly why it's the best show ever. Hint: all the pieces matter. 

Show Notes:  
02:25 Drop the bagel; watch The Wire 
 Snot Boogie
11:20 A staggering amount of characters  
18:35 Interlude: The Missing Package
22:15 Bodymore, Murdaland
34:25 Interlude: Juking the Stats
37:50 Good cop/bad cop Jimmy McNulty
(the links below contain spoilers! Click at your own risk!)
42:15  Season One
48:50 Interlude: "The king stays the king."
1:03:19 Season Two
1:20:40 Season Three
1:22:49 Interlude: "Dream with me."
1:36:16 Season Four
1:45:30 Season Five
1:51:50 Interlude: "Pawns"

The Wire | Ep #11

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