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Fast Food | Ep #15

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This week we pull up to the drive-thru an order an overview and history of fast food, from Ray Croc to roast beef (ugh). Would you like fries with that shake? 

Show Notes: 
01:25 A defining moment 
05:40 The McMenu Song / Big Mac Jingle
06:18 Communist fowl
11:01 Drew's fry/shake combination/abomination 
14:12 Ray Croc: the original dude 
16:34 The Cool McD McDLT
22:18 Ronald McDonald: No Child Left Behind 
27:33 Happy Meal Hall of Fame: Changeables | Astrosniks
29:35 Burger King: The Pepsi to McDonald's Coke
32:03 Jack in the Box: The Mountain Dew to Burger King's Pepsi
39:20 Taco Bell
47:31 Roast beef: ugh
50:58 Whatsamatter, McFly; chicken?
52:42 Outliers

Fast Food | Ep #15

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