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Addendums | Eps 1-15

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We dive back into the Hourchive this week with a pile of stickey notes and a bottle of White-Out and make a few additions, corrections, and clarifications to our first batch of topics. It's a celebration of minutiae, administrative details, and Eddie Vedder impressions we call Addendums. 

Show Notes: 
02:38 Arcades -- Planet SoCal / boardwalks / home arcades / crazy Japanese arcade games 
 Interlude: Luna City (RIP)
12:55 Pizza -- Bagel Bites / California-style
16:35 Interlude: Bagel Bites commercial (1997)
19:06 Toy Stores -- Drew's Children Palace jingle
21:25 Polymaths -- Crichton correction / Darwin's disappointed chimpanzee / Maya Angelou 
26:20 Interlude: Third Eye Blind: "Semi-charmed Life"
27:30 90s Music -- Third Eye Blind / Everclear / Weezer / Blind Melon (the bee girl) / grunge fallout 
39:02 Movie Monsters (1 / 2) -- Zombies / the Gizmo Song
44:22 The Mall -- Avoiding/chasing chicks / our stage / Mall Madness / the Mall of America
52:35 Interlude: Mall Madness commercial
59:58 Doomsday -- Fallout shelfters / Blast From the Past / Gleaming the Cube

Addendums #01 | Eps 1-15

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