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Grease 2 | Ep #19

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Grease may be the word, but Grease 2 is the topic of this week's show, and we've got a few words for it (mostly disparaging ones). It's the start of our new quarterly series looking back on memorable movies of 1982.   

Show Notes: 
00:00 Drew really wants vindication
03:00 Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 1982  
07:15 Grease 2 promo spot
07:40 Grease is the worst
12:40 I can't believe you said "Cool Rider"
14:25 Interlude: "Back to School Again"
15:25 I wouldn't buy the soundtrack...
29:30 Interlude: "Score Tonight"
30:39 Let's talk about the T-Birds
36:30 Xanadu
41:10 Interlude: "Reproduction"
42:00 Grease 3 (Wrath of the Black Panther) 
49:05 Grease 4 (Cooler Rider)

Grease 2 | Ep #19

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