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Social Media | Ep #20

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Friends, followers, plus-ones and pinheads; this week we get serious about social media and defend our natural right to narcisisim and nonsense. Like this podcast? Like this podcast! See what we did there?  

Show Notes: 
01:15 Can everyone "friend" everyone?
03:35 Usenet/Newsgroups 
05:24 Drew gets some e-guff
07:09 AOL/Prodigy and bulletin boards
10:50 The glamorous life of a forum moderator
15:56 Interlude: Blink 182: "Online Songs"
19:30 Mark Faceberger
24:20 Interlude: "Facebook Manners and You"
24:55 Trolling for responses (but not Troll 2-ing) 
26:00 In defense of nothing
38:25 Keyboard activists
39:20 Interlude: "Do I have your full attention?" (The Social Network)
45:20 Facegram
49:25 Pinterest
57:50 Social everything

Social Media | Ep #20

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