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Game Shows | Ep #21

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Pack your Plinko chips and pass the flag; it's the internet's most exciting hour of cash and prizes. Harvey, tell them what they've won!  

Show Notes: 
04:00 Teammate antagonism
09:00 Double Dare 
15:06 Interlude: Nickelodeon GUTS intro
15:31 Let's go to the leaderboard, Mo
18:00 The Aggro Crag controversy 
29:35 Nick knock-offs (Fun House / I'm Telling)
33:12 The lost art
39:10 Match Game
46:45 Interlude: Whammies
1:00:03 Internationally-inspired game shows (Ninja Warrior / Wipeout / Hole in the Wall)

Game Shows | Ep #21

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