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Theme Parks Part 2 (Misc) | Ep #32

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Don't raise your lap bar quite yet; join us on a trip to Wally World, the roller coaster capital of the world, and what used to be Drew's favorite theme park (until John ruined it). Don't forget to pick up your souvenir photo. 

Show Notes: 
12:45 "And you wanted to go to school today..."
20:30 On-ride photos
21:40 Interlude: Ramones: "Palisades Park"
23:05 Universal Studios (Hollywood / Orlando)
28:35 King Kong (old/new
34:20 Jaws
42:30 Spider-Man
46:50 The Hulk
48:56 Jurassic Park
53:40 Poseidon's Fury (old/new)
56:10 Dueling Dragons (Fire/Ice)
57:00 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
1:00:49 Seuss Landing

Theme Parks Part 2 (Misc) | Ep #32

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