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Summer Blockbusters | Ep #33

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Finally, the episode you've waited all summer to experience, presented in stunning IMAX 70 mm with thunderous THX sound. You've got your tickets. You've got your popcorn. Now take your seat and tell the guy next to you how excited you are as we overwhelm you with the spectacle of summer movies.*  

Show Notes: 
15:00 What made the blockbuster
25:55 Interlude: Meco: "Star Wars"
27:40 Waves
33:50 Michael Bay: the successful joke
37:10 The Syfy-ification of summer blockbusters
47:40 "Teasers frustrate me."
56:10 We always win 

*This episode was recorded prior to the event that took place in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012. While it contains no direct references to The Dark Knight Rises, we apologize for any such associations that may come to mind and affirm that no disrespect is intended to the victims of that event. 

Summer Blockbusters | Ep #33

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