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Coffee | Ep #73

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This week we pay worship to the dark alchemy of coffee and reveal the secret origins of the Hourchive.  
Show Notes: 
02:45 Thanks to coffee and Twitter
10:30 Roasting
14:25 Interlude: Julie London: "Black Coffee"
15:05 French-pressing
21:05 The process
27:55 Interlude: Descendents: "Coffee Mug"
28:35 Would you like a little coffee with your sugar?
32:40 Drew meets Howard Shultz
39:30 Treasure Island hotel pirate show
43:20 Espresso
46:20 Interlude: The Tragically Hip: "Coffee Girl"
53:02 Murdoch Perk (RIP)
54:40 Kaldi's
55:54 Shaw's Coffee

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Coffee | Ep #73

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